Multi-functional Spaces

The meeting room of the City Hall is the place where the discussions and decisions for the daily life of a citizen take place. As a rule, the council hall is both multi-functional and representative. The same applies in principle to all parliamentary meeting rooms, including the district assembly.


The arrangement of the tables corresponds to the role of the meeting participants, their interests and tasks. There are the chair and the delegates, the mayor and the municipal councils, the presidium and the deputies – and the citizens, of course.
The visual, digital information – and if necessary integrated conference technology – supports the spoken word.

Retractable monitors along long table by ELEMENT ONE


Integrated Monitors.

The view of the picture information on a central monitor or a screen has optical limits. The spatial form, the equipment and the number of participants provide the physical framework. Integrated monitors in the table make the information visible even if the picture is presented in the back, at a greater distance or at an unfavorable angle to the participant.


As a touch monitor for the speaker, it supports real interaction and control of sources, content and connected media technology. And if required, depending on the course of the conversation and room usage, the retractable monitor is elegantly hidden in the table – and can even be rearranged together with it.

Retractable monitors mounted below table by ELEMENT ONE