Motorised Microphone Lift

The CONMIC FLAP, the vertically retractable motorized microphone lift for gooseneck microphones with up to 450mm total length is fully integrated.


The design and the surface matches 100% to the stainless of the ELEMENT ONE Monitors. The motion is almost noiseless due to the precise stepper motor and perfect workmanship.

The use of microphones can be controlled flexibly with a remote control. If these are not needed, the table surfaces are free for individual use.




For installation in conference tables, CONMIC FLAP only requires a table cut-out of 180 x 100 mm. This leaves enough space for cable connections under the tables. Also, the compact microphone lift can be easily integrated into the arrangement of the table feet below.


  • Compact Housing Dimensions
  • Light Weight Design
  • Brushed stainless steel decorative frame and closure flap
  • Ultra Low Noise Design
  • Ultra Low Energy Design
  • Monitor and microphone can be controlled independently
  • TCP/IP Control
  • Direct Axle Access for manual movement
  • Digital Stepper 12V Motor, durable toothed belt
  • German Precision Mechanism
  • Electronical & Acoustical Diagnose System
  • Durable High Flex Cables
  • Integrated Universal Mounting Rails
  • All-Aluminum Body
  • Smart Cable & Connection Location
  • EMC + EMV protected Hydraulic Save System against mechanical malfunction
  • 5 years limited warranty on mechanics


Art.No. 250-300
Function: Vertically retractable microphone lift for flush mounting in tables. Electromotive mechanism for extending and retracting a gooseneck microphone. 12 V stepper motor with precise synchronization when using several conMICs.
Maintenance-free, almost noiseless: < 40 dB. Control via push-button in the device frame or remote TCP/IP interface or contact. Microphone not included.
Material: Milled, anodized aluminum & stainless steel; mounting frame and closure: stainless steel, brushed
Mass: 4.5 kg
Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 614 mm (WxLxD)
Power consumption: typ. 15 Watt
Motion: Stepper Motor
Remote control: 9-pin d-sub serial + RJ45 TCP/IP for device control – and setting of extension parameters as well as firmware update (E1 cable and software required)
Mic length max.: 450 mm, gooseneck microphone
Mic Interface: According to the type of Mic which is going to be installed
Mic control: 1x Stainless-LED-Button (Delegate) or 2x Stainless-LED-Button (Chair-man); to be specified with order
Scope of Supply: Power adapter – Input: 100-240V AC, 50 / 60Hz. 1.5A; Output: 12V 60W MAX 5.A (Length DC ~ 140cm) Power Cord 1.5m

CONMIC technical drawing
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