Interactive Presentation

Classic cars are appealing. They invite you to dream and reminisce. The way they are presented is a decisive part of the effect on the viewer. In order for technology and design to invite the viewer to look at them and marvel at them, an equally fascinating presentation technique is required.


The monitor automatically extends in front of the viewer as they approach and they are virtually taken on a fascinating journey through the history, the idea, the successes and the design of the vehicle in front of them. Moving monitors invite the viewer to indulge their curiosity through the interactive display and breathe life back into the classic car for a fleeting moment – by means of thrilling photos, exciting stories and moving images … as if by magic.

Retractable Monitor for Showrooms by ELEMENT ONE



The monitor used must underline the value of the classic. At the same time, it must invite you to look at the vehicle and read the information. And finally a lasting impression and an impressive experience must be created.


Moving images on a moving monitor are perfect for this. For example, the FOLD! automatically appears from the presentation furniture and the information appears crystal clear. All this happens whisper quietly and unobtrusively.

Using the touch screen, language and desired content can be selected as required and films can be started. And once the work is done, as soon as the viewer leaves the exhibit, the monitor disappears elegantly back into the housing.

Retractable Monitor for Showrooms by ELEMENT ONE